by Linda Toigo

Of Paper and Smoke is a multi-layered paper cut installation created for children of all ages that describes the perception of Taiwanese spiritual culture through the eyes of a curious wanderer. The large-sized illustrations welcome the viewers into a space of light and contemplation and capture them within their intricate patterns and backlit depth.

The scenes are based on three of the many ceremonies witnessed by the artist during the first days of her residency in south Taiwan:

The Wang-Yeh boat burning in Donggang, where every three years an immense crowd accompany a ceremonial boat and worship the gods asking to carry demons and plague away from the city.

The worshipping of Banyan trees, or Rong-shu, centenarian creatures full of wisdom and tolerance, asked to protect and guide the population. A 300-year-old Banyan tree welcomes travellers in the South of Jiali.

The celebration of Chí Wáng Yé in Hibu, Madou, where mediums possessed and protected by the god, immune to pain, self inflict wounds with ceremonial weapons in a feast of fireworks and thick smoke.

The illustrations have been created mixing traditional Taiwanese paper cutting techniques with a personal contemporary style; the details are inspired by local temple decorations, Taiwanese children books and observation of everyday life.












Opening: Monday, NOV 23, 2015 at 11am

NOV 25, 2015 – FEB 28, 2016

Soulangh Cultural Park, Studio A9

Jiali District, Tainan, TAIWAN



開幕茶會:2015年11月23日(一) 11:00

展覽期間:2015年11月25日(三) – 2016年2月28日(日)


展覽地點:蕭壠文化園區A9館(臺南市佳里區六安里 六安130號)


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