A for Advice, B for Before, C for Co-sleeping…
BABYC is an alternative alphabet book that offers a collection of funny, honest and intense moments of life with a new baby.

What happens to a family when a brand new baby arrives?
No matter how many books we read, how many children we already have, how much kit we own, we can still feel completely unprepared. Being a new parent is a job that can make you feel alone, inadequate and vulnerable, even though it is also incredibly rewarding and powerful. Without a good sense of humour, it can be very difficult.

That’s why I created BABYC: an honest, ironic, and sweet depiction of the first year with a baby. It is an alphabet book, with a keyword for every letter.

To make my illustrations, I start from a sketch that I then divide into small details.
The skin pieces for the characters are cut from pages of a well-known parenting book: ripping up that book already proved to be a highly therapeutic task. The remaining separate parts are cut from hand-painted card and assembled into detailed images. The illustrations are then scanned and prepared for printing.

The book is available to buy from my shop.

To know more, visit www.kickstarter.com/projects/lindatoigo/babyc

Hardcover, 18x18cm, 56 pages

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