A series of black paper cut illustrations created for the second volume of Olga di Carta: Jum fatto di Buio

“Olga is a little girl as thin as a leaf, she takes short breaths and her existence makes very little sound apart from a slight rustling, like a page of a book ruffled by the breeze. She has a special gift: she tells incredible stories.”

Olga lives with her grandmother and her dog in Balicò, a small town covered in snow that lies by a wood and is crossed by a river; she crafts beautiful stories for her friends in the village and people are so fascinated by her words that they hide in the bushes and listen to her.

The brief required the sole use of black colour, so I worked on images full of complexity and details. Here I present them on a colourful background.

Some of the main characters that interact with Olga are presented at the beginning of the book with a papercut illustration. My design takes inspiration by the 19th century technique of silhouette portraits: the characters are described by simple lines, enriched by decorations and defined by their clothing and favourite objects.

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