a papercut exhibition by Linda Toigo
curated by Elisa de Martini

Linda Toigo’s habitats are like herself: they are magical and elegant, sharp and deep.

Linda cuts colourful paper: her vivid imagination creates fluid systems of figures emerging from the flat medium. The great artist’s ability is to immerse the observer in thousands stimulus via a single mean.

To create her paper cuts, she gets inspiration from childhood memories, traditional storytelling and observation of the reality; she produces two or three-dimensional scenes from sheets of paper assembled together, that draw the viewer in worlds full of hidden details and that are often fun, surreal and ironic.

Linda’s work has been shown in group shows and solo exhibitions and in Italy, Japan, UK, Spain, Taiwan and the USA; her papercut illustrations have recently been published in the Italian best-selling children’s novel Olga di Carta.

She currently lives and works in East London.

photo credit: Mattia Reiniger

Hosted By DigitasLBi
10th – 28th October 2016

  • project type: exhibition
  • year: 2016

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