Create your imaginary landscape on a travel guide.

A fun, hands-on book alteration workshop, perfect for all levels.

And it’s free!



Westminster Reference Library

35 St. Martin’s Street

WC2H 7HP London


Tuesday 28th April and Wednesday 6th May

6:00 – 7:45 pm


It is advisable (but not required) to come to both sessions. 

Book your free places here: seats are limited!


28th April 


6th May

additional info:


Westminster Reference Library

35 St. Martin’s Street

WC2H 7HP London

second floor


6 – 7.45 pm

please come on time and let us know if you are going to be late

 What is the workshop about?

Linda Toigo will explain some of her book alteration techniques used to create the works that are now on display at the exhibition Guides to Elsewhere

The first  session (28th April) will concentrate on how to create a landscape by carving the pages of a book with a scalpel. After a practical demonstration, the time will be used to get familiar with the tool and to experiment with the material.

The second session (6th May) will be focused on how to add elements such as trees, characters and buildings to the landscape, using found images, card and wire.

 Do I have to prepare something?

Think of your favourite imaginary place: it can be taken from a literary text, from a poem or from your imagination.

If possible, print out or write down a short extract to describe it.

Do not worry if you do not have anything in mind, The Dictionary of Imaginary Places can inspire you. You will find a copy in the Library, on the table at the entrance the exhibition

 What do I need to bring?

Lonely Planet has generously donated some vintage discarded copies for us to use, so you will not need to bring a book, unless you want to work with a specific volume.

Basic tools will be provided, but you can bring your own scalpel, scissors, pencils and cutting mat if you have them.

Bring some magazines, postcards, images that you find interesting and inspiring to use in your imaginary place.

 I can only come to one session, is it a problem?

It is not a problem, you will be able to focus on one of the two techniques

 Can I keep my book at the end?

Yes please: you will be encouraged to continue working on your book at home and to send a photo of your finished work to be shown on this page.

  Can I ask more questions?

Sure, go to the contact page and drop me an email

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