For the third volume of the saga of Olga di Carta, I could use colour again.

The brief asked for 12 colour illustrations, dedicated to 4 different parts of the book.

In this volume, the narrator – young Olga – entertains and reassures her friends during a trip on the mountain by their village. Olga tells the story of Misteriosa, a girl like many others, that sometimes finds her escape in drawings, paintings and everyday objects.

I decided to separate the narrative in three parts:

Olga and her friends on the mountain

The world of Misteriosa

Misteriosa’s escapes.

Each part has been approached in a slightly different way, still keeping a consistent style and colour palette.


Book published in Italy by Salani Editore

Written by Elisabetta Gnone

Produced by Bombus Media

Photos by Gianluca Camporesi 

  • project type: paper cut illustration
  • year: 2018

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